R&A Engineering Solutions, Inc.

About R&A Engineering Solutions, Inc.

R&A Engineering Solutions, Inc. is a progressive mechanical engineering consulting firm founded in 1976 to provide customized professional engineering services for clients within the building industry. The firm is headquartered in Sacramento, California with an additional office in San Francisco, California and serves a national client base stretching from San Diego to Boston.

Since its inception, R&A has sought to provide optimized engineering solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of its clients. These founding principles continue to serve as the cornerstones of our business model today. They are evident in our resolve to ensure project outcomes meet client expectations and in our expanded analytical perspective when developing integrated design solutions. They drive us to design collaboratively. They drive us to think outside the box. They drive us to be better engineers.

A key in our success and innovation has been our consistent approach to engineering problem solving. Whether we are designing mechanical systems to serve an entire campus or upgrading an individual system component, our approach is based on the concept that the whole system must be accurately understood before its parts can be correctly designed to achieve optimum performance.

We refer to this process as “THE SYSTEMS APPROACH TO ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS.” When applied at the building level, this approach has become synonymous with integrated design. At its most basic level, it is a holistic approach that emphasizes the functional relationships between parts and wholes.

Our philosophy of engineering and design is at the heart of all we do. From sustainable integrated building systems design to energy systems optimization to master planning to commissioning. For clients in healthcare, higher learning, commercial, industrial, municipal, state and federal enterprises. We strive to deliver comprehensive lasting solutions.

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